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QToys Australia (USA) Wooden Windmill

QToys Australia (USA) Wooden Windmill

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A wooden windmill is a great toy for kids who enjoy imaginative play and creating their own worlds. It features durable wooden construction and intricate details, such as rotating blades and the tower. This set includes the wooden gnome.

Playing with the wooden windmill can inspire kids to use their imagination and creativity, as they invent stories and characters to inhabit the windmill. They can also learn about the mechanics of wind power and how windmills have been used historically for tasks such as grinding grain and pumping water.

It can also provide an opportunity for kids to develop their social skills, as they work together to imagine and act out different scenarios. They can take turns playing different roles and negotiate solutions to problems that arise in their imaginary world.

Approx dimensions of product: 15x20x10cms. Weight: 1kgs.

Recommended age: 2+

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