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Elephant Soapstone Carving Kit: Safe and Fun DIY Craft for Kids and

Elephant Soapstone Carving Kit: Safe and Fun DIY Craft for Kids and

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Soapstone carving kit

Our Soapstone carving kit is an interesting DIY crafts, The Elephant Carving kit is loaded with fun for adults and kids above 8 Years. The DIY soapstone carving kit will make you incredibly calm and relaxed while carving and the outcome of the carving will be a beautiful sculpture.

Our soapstone carving kit ( DIY Kit ) Is sourced from Madhya Pradesh, INDIA, (Bhimbetka And Daraki - Chattan Cupules) Near two ancient quartzite caves, also oldest known prehistoric art/sculpture in the world. (c.290,000-700,000 BCE). Which is also one of the softest soapstone thus making it very easy to carve and create a magnificent sculpture with lots of details.

Our Soapstone Box contains everything you need to carve and create a masterpiece : Precut/Semi Shape Soapstone, A carving File which is Kids safe, Three Different types of sandpaper, environmentally friendly Wax to Polish, A soft cloth to make the stone smooth and shiny, And a step by step carving intrusion manual which is very useful.

The soapstone carving is the most interesting carving among the other wood carving kit, pumpkin carving kit, and woodcraft carving kit.

The soapstone is a natural mineral which may vary in color. The stone color varies from Beautiful green to brown. Carving reconnects us with Mother Nature.

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